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Home >  products >  Utrosterone 100


Utrosterone 100


Utrosterone 100

Chemical Composition:

Micronized Progesterone

100 mg

Therapeutic Category:


Dosage Form / Route:

Soft gelatin capsule for Oral or Vaginal use

How Supplied:

30 Capsule


Utrosterone is prescribed for disorders related to a progesterone insufficiency: By oral route: - Menstrual irregularity due to dysovulation. - Premenstrual disorders. - Breast pain or benign breast disorders. - Bleeding (due to fibroma,…) - Therapy of the menopause (complement to estrogen therapy). By vaginal route: To help pregnancy, in particular: - In the case of repeated abortion. - During in vitro fertilization cycles (IVF). For all other Progesterone indications, the vaginal route represents an alternative to the oral route, in case of adverse events due to Progesterone (somnolence, dizziness).

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